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TRON Foundation issues a step-by-step guide on TRX usage for “hot stuff” lovers


TRON released the news of partnering with the largest adult website a while ago, but now this has been officially confirmed with a chance to enlarge TRX circulation on this popular website with 90 mln visitors daily. Now they can pay for their premium subscription with TRX.

The step-by-step guide for using TRX on Pornhub

This TRON-written instruction includes eleven points, but basically what you need to do is log in to your Pornhub account or register one, then choose a free or premium package.

Afterwards, select “Use cryptocurrency option” and choose TRON. You can pay your subscription via the exchange by scanning a QR code or use your crypto wallet app. Besides, you can copy the TRX payment address to proceed with the payment for your V.I.P. membership.

Possible benefits of TRX payments on Pornhub

Experts believe that, if you set aside uncomfortable feelings, perhaps caused by the fact that a crypto coin intended to decentralize the Internet is being used to pay for watching porno, this move of TRX can bring it closer to a global adoption and, correspondingly, send its price to the moon.

Besides, now that Pornhub accepts TRX, the coin and the whole crypto project will get a lot of extra attention– that is indirect marketing.

Some users also believe that TRON will help decentralize the porn industry and, perhaps pay adult actors/producers directly, but that is just theory.

Adult industry entering the crypto space

TRX is not the first virtual coin added to Pornhub as a payment option. First was Verge and a futuristic commercial was shot for that with a slogan “The future has cum.” Despite this, the price of the coin plummeted.

The stormydaniels.com also accepts crypto assets as payment for the membership. Playboy and other similar websites for adults now feel that they need to catch up with the times and move into the future.

Experts believe that since this industry is also a part of the global business, it can help cryptocurrencies become adopted all over the world.

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