Apple TV and Sky News to Broadcast Blockchain News to Global Audience


The new show is called Coincast TV. It will be broadcast on Sky News Business starting in the second week of August in the evening hours. This TV program will be telling about anything to do with distributed networks and digital coins, including Blockchain-powered businesses and innovative solutions.

Other participators

Apart from the aforementioned companies, in the creation of the show will also take part DigitalX blockchain advisor and Multiplier Crypto, a business news company. The expected audience of viewers of this show is 200 mln all over the world.

The show will cover news sponsored by crypto and DLT companies from around the world. According to the DigitalX CEO Leigh Travers, the decision to launch new Blockchain news show came after the success of other currently working DLT-media platforms run by this company with a global audience.

The hosts of the news show will be skilled presenters who have worked on major stations, such as Bloomberg TV. The producers are also well-experienced and professional.

Blockchain literacy promotion

The creators of the show expect the program to help millions of viewers around the world become aware of the Blockchain technology and get to know it better and deeper. The producers believe this is a good idea, since a whole lot of the planet’s population have no clue as to what Blockchain or cryptocurrencies are.

And even though the show fails to explain that the distributed ledger is or why it is a breakthrough technology, at least it will keep the audience interested, or so the creators hope.

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