Bitcoin’s Dominance Rate Hits Record High For 2018 Reaching 46.5 Percent


Andrew Yang joins the list of politicians who accept cryptocurrencies in their campaigns


Andrew Yang, an American entrepreneur and political candidate, announced on Twitter that his campaign now accepts crypto donations. Apart from Bitcoin, Yang’s supporters can send him Ethereum and plenty of other cryptocurrencies.

No refunds?

Yang’s chances to even breach even one percent during the Democratic primaries (let alone win the nominations and potentially defeat the incumbent POTUS Donald Trump) are extremely slim. While it’s a common practice for presidential candidates to ask for donations, some users were rather skeptical about his intentions.

Still, there were some people who got excited after his proposal.

Politicians show support for crypto

This is not the first time when US political candidates embrace cryptocurrencies during this election cycle. In February 2018, Brian Forde, a former tech advisor in Obama’s administration, announced about his intentions to run for Congress during the midterms and replace the incumbent Orange County’s Rep. Mimi Walters. As CryptoComes previously reported, Forde received a substantial portion of donations from Coinbase. A Republican hopeful Kelli Ward, one of the frontrunners in the Arizona Senate race, is also among candidates who accept campaign contributions in Bitcoins.

At the same time, Mark Reed is challenging a vocal anti-crypto politician Brad Sherman who is up for reelection this November. However, crypto enthusiasts shouldn’t get too excited about the congressional race, since Sherman is a heavy favorite to win.

Crossing party lines

Remarkably enough, cryptocurrencies do not seem to be a partisan issue in the US politics– there are supporters and critics on the different sides of the political spectrum. For example, Forde and Sherman are both members of the Democratic Party, but they have diametrically opposed positions on crypto. At the same, Republican Andrew Hemingway was the first who brought crypto contributions to American politics by starting to accept donations in Bitcoins as a gubernatorial candidate in 2014. During a recent Congressional hearing, Republican congressmen showed a rather positive stance on crypto.

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